Individual Coaching

Additional individual session options either in person or via tele-coaching.

How do I know if a Career Coach is Right for Me?

  • Do you need help creating an action plan to implement a career change?
  • Are you seeking more success and satisfaction in your career?
  • Are you concerned about job stability and your ability to compete in today’s job market?
  • Are you satisfied in your current career but looking for ways to improve and advance?

Career Coaching Sessions May Include:

  • An assessment of your talents, strengths, and values as well as clarification of your career interests and goals.
  • Creation of a personal job search marketing strategy including resumes, cover letters, interviewing techniques and social networking tools.
  • Creation of an action plan to get your started and keep you motivated during your job search

Each session is 60 minutes in length   

R8 Button - 1on1 CoachingIN PERSON

  • 1-  session : $60
  • 3 - sessions:   $150 (additional sessions can be purchased for $50 per session)





  • 1- session/call:   $35    
  •  3-sessions/ calls:  $75 (additional sessions can be purchased for $25 per session)

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