BKTIFF-7"If I only knew what I know now, I would have been working months ago.”

I  hear this a lot.  Most people do not understand the ins and outs of a job search in the 21   st  Century job market.  It’s not intuitive. It’s frustrating and there are a lot of new rules with no instruction manuals. 

Most people just do not  have the time or know how to effectively launch a job search campaign, develop their personal brand, write an   effective resume, prepare their LinkedIn profile, develop a targeted list of companies,  research their target companies, find the hiring managers and prepare for the interview. Besides, it takes time  to develop these tools and during your job search lost time is lost wages. 

have  seen many job seekers needlessly extend their job search for months  because  they made many mistakes before they learned the ropes of laying a solid foundation  And, once you learn  the  job search process and land your new opportunity, what can you do with this  knowledge…not much. Until the next time you are laid off. You will know what to do!  Why not put your job search in the hands of a professional and significantly reduce your time in transition?


Many job seekers  believe they are saving money by conducting a job search themselves. I can  totally relate to that. I have seen many of our job club attendees go from job  club to job club and a year later, still have a lousy resume, they were not utilizing LinkedIn and had no real plan. 

For those who decided to work with a professional career coach, they were able to cut their job search in time significantly.  For most professionals, a One-on-One Membership will pay for itself if it shortens your transition time by 2 weeks.  

To Your Success
Diana Miller
Founder/Director of the Community Job Club, Inc.

4193-personal-career-management-plan-graphicA 1-Year One-on-One Individual or Corporate Membership Out Placement Services Includes:

  • Our twice a month Check-up meetings.
  • KickStart Membership –Three, two-hour intensive job transition sessions in a small group venue        
  • A compelling and well- written resume        
  • A professionally written and stand out LinkedIn Profile so you won't get left out  
  • Three, one-hour personal coaching sessions.
 Current Individual Fee: $1100

Call for Corporate rates for your outplacement needs.  Rates depend on number of memberships needed.


Payment plans are available. 

Please contact   Diana Miller at dmiller@dianamiller.us  or call her at   330-612-1804 to discuss you personal or corporate job transition needs. 
Additional individual session options either in person or via tele-coaching are also available.
Individual coaching session topics will be up to the client to decide on what they would like to focus on in regards to their job search or career management needs. Discussions can include career changes, interviewing, how to develop your resume and more.

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