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ResumeProcess (1)Why Can’t I Just Write My Own Resume?

  • You can!  A resume writing “wizard” program will let you do a simple resume. But do you have the ability or skill to write top copy that markets you at your best?
  • Will your resume move you past your competition?
  • Only the best resumes survive the employer’s final cut.
  • Can your resume do that?

Resume Services

JSU will create a resume that enhances your qualifications, spotlight your skills, and promote you at your best. We have demonstrated the highest standards and expertise within the resume writing industry. Our writers stay current in resume writing and industry trends. We care about how you look on paper!

Customized professional resumes are the trademark of the our services. Our professionalwrite resumes that “catch the eye” of hiring authorities and help you get interviews. References are available upon request.

In deciding if a professional resume is right for you, consider what percentage of your first year’s income on your new job this investment would really be - 1% or less?  Isn't is worth it to speed up your job search with the right marketing document - a professional resume - that gets you interviews faster?

All documents are written in Microsoft Word. Once your new resume is created, you proofread and approve it before your project is considered complete. Resumes, cover letters, and all other career documents are kept on file for future updates as your career changes and grows.

Free consultation. You will have direct, one-on-one interaction and contact our professional writers throughout the entire writing process.  JSU will produce a professional-quality, highly detailed 1-2 page resume. We will choose a resume design that highlights your strengths, and underlines your qualifications.  Our professional writers will work with you until you have a final draft you are satisfied with.

The finished resume will be emailed to you as a file attachment within 5-10 business days. All you have to do is fill out the form. We do the rest.

Entry-level Resumes

Entry level (less than 2 years of experience): In the early stages of your career, it is essential to focus on the quality, rather than quantity, of your experience. Your resume should clearly demonstrate that you have the abilities, strengths, and motivation to assume new responsibilities and challenges. If this is not readily apparent, the employer will typically move on to the next resume in a matter of seconds.Students & Recent Graduates: A typical "student resume" will not do if you want to land interviews for the best jobs. Employers often prefer some past experience, as this reduces the risk associated with hiring new graduates - thus the challenge every new graduate faces is getting that real world experience. Moreover, student resumes can all look the same, so it is essential to distinguish yourself from the others.

Our proprietary skill analysis questionnaire will draw out your experience and accomplishments, as well as appropriate skills gained during your education. We will then strategically develop an impressive resume based upon your marketable qualifications and tailor your resume toward your current career goals.

 Mid-level Resumes

As an experienced professional you need a skillfully developed presentation demonstrating both the depth and breadth of your expertise. Your resume must show a core set of professional or technical "hard" skills, an ability to solve problems, and a broader set of administrative and interpersonal "soft" skills. To be portrayed appropriately, you must demonstrate a skill set that will meet new challenges and an ability to be a team player in any type of organization.

Career Advancement: If you are seeking advancement, we will use a Skill Upgrade treatment that will illustrate how your past skills and accomplishments are relevant to a new level of responsibility.

Career Change: Whether you seek to leverage transferable skills from previous jobs or recent education, we will use a Skill Transfer treatment that highlights how your skills are relevant to the career you want now - rather than peg you according to your past history.

Social Media Profile Development: Our social media profile development is the solution for improving your profile and rising to the top... more

Our proprietary skill analysis questionnaire  will draw out vital areas of your background; our strategic development of your resume will minimize potential liabilities and emphasize your past achievements and skills for a new set of challenges. Our resume writing strategies will equip you with a powerful resume that professionally highlights a successful career.

Executive Resumes

As an experienced executive, you need a carefully crafted marketing document demonstrating your record of profitability, productivity, and continued growth.

Your resume must show that you consistently seize opportunities and deliver results in order to create a compelling value proposition.

On the one hand, you must be portrayed as someone who is an innovative, visionary leader; and on the other hand, you must show that you are a pragmatic manager who has succeeded in planning and leading the execution of strategies that impact the bottom line.

We will craft a distinctive resume to showcase your most relevant qualifications and achievements and how these have prepared you for the next challenge.

Social Media Profile Development: Our experts understand how your personal brand is a critical aspect of your career success... more

Our proprietary skill analysis questionnaire  will draw out key areas of your background and accomplishments, and our strategic development of your resume will minimize any potential liabilities and leverage your past achievements and skills to professionally highlight a distinguished career.

downloadLinkedIn Profile Writing Service

According to some studies, over 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new talent. LinkedIn has over 280 Million users. The companies you want to work for are just waiting for you to have the right message. Let’s face it, writing about yourself is hard! And the most successful people in the world today rely on a professional writer to help them overcome this challenge.

Every day that you don’t have a job attracting LinkedIn profile is another day without income.

When you enter a colleague’s name into a Google search, odds are one of the first links you will see is their LinkedIn profile. Many of these profiles were started out of curiosity by busy professionals who friends told them they must have a LinkedIn profile, but many profiles are half complete, left unmanaged and out-of-date.

Unfortunately these unkempt LinkedIn profiles could be hindering careers. Don’t let an out-of-date LinkedIn profile sabotage your career or job search. Every professional should have an up-to-date, high quality, keyword rich LinkedIn profile.

In our LinkedIn coaching program you will learn how to maximize the potential of LinkedIn to grow your business quickly, generate quality leads, and become viewed as an industry expert. LinkedIn Coaching is included within all sales coaching, business and executive coaching programs.

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